The Digital Data Room and its Benefits for corporate clients

Successful corporate data management requires the sharing of hundreds or thousands of documents. The virtual data room enables the quick and cost-effective exchange of business documentation and efficient collaboration between corporate clients. Here is more about it.

Digital data room as a basis of corporate data management

Many companies now recognize the urgent need for digital business processes and models. Increasingly, you can hear about the need to structure and automate business processes. Information systems are being introduced everywhere, and management is being automated. The motives here can be very different: the desire to “keep up with the competitor” and the influence of fashion. But most business leaders understand that the introduction of an effective and modern management system like a digital data room is necessary to:

  • accelerate business processes;
  • reduce transaction costs;
  • balance powers between subordinates and partners;
  • do not be distracted from strategic tasks for constant control.

A virtual data room is an online platform that facilitates all document transfers and collaboration between buyers and sellers. To protect corporate data from being viewed, manipulated, or lost during transactions, a technical solution is required that reliably prevents any access. Conventional public cloud offerings are usually unable to meet this requirement. Even many business clouds find it difficult to avoid unwanted data access effectively. Companies that rely on operator-safe cloud and digital data room providers to store and process confidential and personal data are legally on the safe side. 

The secure data room combines the advantages of the cloud with extensive security measures so that companies do not have to give up control of their documents. Following, the platform runs as a service in high-security data centers and provides employees with all the documents they need via browser access.

Software benefits for corporate clients

The data room software ensures many advantages for corporate clients:

  • Built-in high security

In many projects, standard security, such as SSL encryption of the transmission, is not enough. The data room offers a wide range of security measures in this discipline, such as two-factor authentication for access, integrated virus protection for all stored documents, and built-in device management, so that it can be determined in advance which devices have which users have access. In general, the traceability of access is a central pillar in the security strategy. All-access to documents is logged in an audit-proof manner. In addition to sophisticated rights management for users, the so-called admin shielding stands out. It means that the contents of the secure data room are also protected against access by your own IT department.

  • Data management automation

Working together on documents has never been easier than it is today. Large arrays of sensitive data are processed, stored, and analyzed during business transactions. Manually handling these processes requires sending faxes, copying and mailing documents, and digital media, as well as additional expense and time to complete each transaction. As a result, data rooms are increasingly being used to secure the distribution, organization, and tracking of underwriting materials and due diligence documents for large real estate transactions. 

  • More flexibility with API

The secure data room combines easy handling with consistent security. But companies tick differently and have additional requirements in many areas. Most software vendors have a programming interface for this, with which the functions of the data room can be enhanced. For example, a company combines the digitization of documents with the secure archiving of data in the data room. The API makes it possible to automate the scanning process of a document in such a way that the digital copy ends up directly in the right data room.