Tips and Best Practices about Procedure for Calling a Meeting

The general meeting of shareholders is the supreme governing body of the joint-stock company. Here is more about the procedure for calling a meeting.

The procedure for calling the board of Directors

One of the most difficult options for business interaction is meetings – especially if they are held in a situation of conflict or crisis in the organization. For some organizations, meetings are the supreme governing body. Therefore, the documents created as a result of their work always affect the strategic plans of the organization and affect the psychological climate in the team.

The main guidelines for preparing meetings are regulatory and administrative documents regulating the activities of the organization itself as a whole and the meeting as a collegial management body. These documents include the memorandum of association, the charter of the organization, legislative acts that play the role of standard provisions of such institutions.

In addition, organizational and administrative documents often contain a description of the procedure for preparing for a meeting, the rules of this work, which determine the degree of appropriateness of certain technologies of business interaction.

According to the standard rules, to hold an annual or extraordinary meeting of shareholders, you need to take several steps:

  • Decide on calling and holding the meeting.
  • Set a place, date, and time for the meeting.
  • Determine the list of shareholders who will take part in the meeting.
  • Notify the meeting participants following the established procedure.
  • Hold a meeting.
  • The holding of the meeting is accompanied by the execution of a protocol, in which the progress of the meeting and all decisions taken are recorded.
  • Draw up the results of the meeting by the requirements of the law.

To organize board meetings in the online format, the board management software can be used. It is a centralized platform that facilitates better collaboration and radically simplifies the process of issuing meeting papers.

What are the best practices for calling a meeting?

These guidelines will help you make meetings more manageable, increase the likelihood of a successful meeting, reduce the risk of conflicts or unforeseen situations, and, ultimately, positively affect the strategic plans of the organization and the psychological climate in the team. If you are planning to host an online event with the help of board portal, here are some things to look out for:

  • Learn the specifics of working with an audience on the web. You need to learn not only to interact with the audience using special tools but also to be able to hold their attention.
  • Make sure the members are the same people who signed up. Members’ registration requests should be moderated so that they cannot simply pass the link on to a colleague or friend.
  • Provide an opportunity for group discussion of the reports.
  • Give participants the ability to chat, ask questions, and interact.
  • Create an intuitive website or landing page with a timetable and links to all streams and presentations.
  • Take care not to lose people’s attention during breaks or even during an event. Closing a live tab is a million times easier than getting up and leaving the front row in a 1,000-seat audience.
  • Create activities for participants so that everyone on the other side of the screen feels noticed and important. They are used to offline events where they actively interact with other people.
  • Consider an alternative way to keep the memory of the event alive, as you won’t be able to take a group photo of all the attendees like in an offline conference.