What Is Board Portal Software?

To establish effective continuous board communication, it is worth giving preference to the online format over classical communication methods, choosing a reliable board software provider. Here is more about it.

Board portal software: what is it?

Until recently, it seemed that working remotely, and especially virtually holding public events, was something completely new and fresh. Something from the future. Now it is becoming an everyday reality, and it is very interesting to watch how ordinary events become virtual.

Besides, thanks to the development of computer and information technologies, it has become easier for large companies to organize their work activities, as well as to convey detailed information to people. So, if you are hosting an online event, you need a planning platform with many features and reliable IT support. One of such platforms is a board portal for organizing online board meetings.

A board portal sometimes referred to as governance software, provides a secure, collaborative, online platform for board members that facilitates access to board documents and meeting papers, either online via a web browser or with an app on a tablet. It may incorporate features that aid board communication and decision-making, leading to improved governance by increasing transparency and reducing bureaucracy.

Board portal software provides participants with several technological options:

  • online video;
  • audio communication;
  • presentations with slides;
  • an electronic board for comments and clarifications;
  • managed and private chats, allowing for text communication;
  • polls and polls to help collect user opinions in real-time;
  • demonstration of the desktop and applications open on it;
  • recording and re-broadcasting of the online meeting.

With a board portal, multiple processes are streamlined, reducing time and costs, and making life easier for both directors and administrators. The result is that meeting management becomes far more secure, efficient, and effective.

What are the benefits of board portals?

Boardroom software has the following advantages for business:

  • Online events fit more easily into the life and schedule of participants. Traveling is a challenge for busy executives and anyone with household and family responsibilities. This means that most people have previously attended fewer events than they would like. Now that so many events are going virtual, people can attend more often than ever before.
  • Ability to view the conference in the This is a clear plus. After all, the record allows you to fix the material, moreover, if you wish, you can view it at any convenient time.
  • Connecting remote speakers is a system-forming function for corporate events, which makes it possible to create additional windows with your speakers or content in the main broadcast window. Used in almost all online events.
  • Possibility to divide all participants of the event into session rooms – allocation of separate session rooms from the total number of participants for subgroups of users. These users are not visible to the rest of the participants in the broadcast and do not themselves see the rest of the participants, but they can communicate with each other. It is a tool that is analogous to dividing a team into small groups at corporate events.
  • Easy to organize. You don’t need to do anything complicated: to approach responsibly in the choice of a platform and a communicative message for the audience. Your task is to target the target groups of people who will make the entire checkout.
  • The unlimited number of participants. Invite people who might like the event, even if those people have not attended offline events. Perhaps the remote format will appeal to “modest” individuals. Build your reach and brand awareness to build your audience.